Time For Change?

The Bears have finally made the move to Mitchell Trubisky. Is this the right move? Let’s back up for a minute. Was trading up in the draft the right move to get Trubisky? Whether you agree or disagree, what’s done is done and can’t be changed.

Here we are at the beginning of week 5, and the Bears have had enough. After getting blown out in Green Bay, the Bears said changes were coming. They weren’t specific in the changes to be made, but we all knew what this meant. It was just a matter of time before Tribusky would play. The Bears tried to play it out after they had spent big money to sign Mike Glennon as the starter, but that experiment is over. Mike Glennon is a good backup quarterback. A starter he is not. Now the Bears will turn the franchise over to Trubisky and see what he can do. Let’s explore if this is a good move.

As for the positives, there are quite a few. He is the future of the franchise. Glennon was not the long-term solution. He was a band-aid till the Bears got a true starting quarterback.  Secondly, looking at the preseason games, Trubisky outplayed Glennon. Every time they played, Trubisky looked better. Granted, he played against the second stringers, but he looked good. Third, the big part of this team that was missing was the quarterback. This team has two great running backs. Minus the injuries, the team has decent wide receivers. The starting offensive line is one of the better lines the bears have put out in recent years. As for the defensive side of the ball, this defense hasn’t played too poorly (of course you can’t base their sole play on that Green Bay game). Everything is pointing to Trubisky starting games, or does it…

As for the knocks against him, there are a few here as well. Well, the obvious one is he’s a rookie. He has no major league playing time behind him. Even in college he only had 13 games of starting experience. This doesn’t have the look of a qualified starting quarterback in the NFL. Second of all, he doesn’t have many weapons to throw to. Like I mentioned earlier this is due to injuries, but he will struggle with a lack of receivers to catch the ball. This means he will have to rely on the run game, thus making the Bears look one dimensional. Third is how well he knows the playbook. You can’t expect a guy who has never played a snap to run one of the more complex plays in his playbook. The Bears will have to have him run simpler plays and play small ball, not try to air it out by throwing for large chunks of yardage all in one play.

From the looks of things this could either be a good thing for the Bears or it could mean their season is over very quickly. Is Trubisky ready to start, or should he have more time on the bench to learn from a veteran quarterback? Well it’s time for Trubisky to show us what he’s got.  Does he have what it takes to run a successful team? His first challenge will be on Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings.

Mr. Trubisky, are you ready? It’s game time.

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