Trubisky Time

Do we finally have an answer to our question, “What do we have in Mitchell Trubisky?” I think we got our answer. Before I dive into my answer though, let’s recap his first game. His stats for the night were 12 of 25 passing for 128 yards. He also had one touchdown, one interception, one sack, and three carries for 22 yards. When you look at those numbers, nothing really jumps out. It just looks like a mediocre outing for him. Although this doesn’t look very impressive, there was much more behind his story than the numbers tell.

So, why are his stats mediocre? There’s a few things that stand out from last night’s game that caused this. First off, he needs some reliable weapons to throw to. He threw 25 times and only completed 12 of them. It’s hard to win a game and especially gain yards when your receivers and tight ends aren’t catching the ball and moving the chains. Secondly, he only threw 25 times. That’s not a bad thing, they just need him to throw more. Once again, a lack of catching can be partially to blame. The third thing, they played against a very tough defense. The Vikings defense is good at stopping the run and does a really good job of pressuring the quarterback. And when you pressure a quarterback, that leads to turnovers. Now he only had one sack and one interception, but the interception came late in the game and gave the Vikings a great starting position in Bears territory, to seal the game.

As for what he did well, first off, he looked calm and confident out there. The game never got out of hand for him. He never seemed to panic when things weren’t going his way. Second, he showed off his mobility. He never just stood there and had to throw. He moved around to give himself more time to make plays. Like I mentioned earlier, there were even times he took off with the ball and got yardage. He even completed a nifty 2-point conversion. Third, he made some plays. He didn’t just wait for things to happen. He made plays Mike Glennon can’t make. We saw the talent there. We saw what he can do. Once he puts it all together (and gets some receivers), we’ll be in for a treat.

So, what do have in Mitchell Trubisky? The simple answer is hope. Hope for the future, both this year and in the years to come. It looks like the Bears might finally have their quarterback, and even though they lost last night’s game, the future looks very bright for a team that just got a glimpse of what’s to come.

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