And Then There Were Two

Here we are after a long and arduous season. We have finally made it. The Superbowl is right around the corner. The Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. One team who has a history of winning it all and the other still looking for its first. Now the question we have been waiting for. Who will win it all? Who is our next Superbowl winner?

The Philadelphia Eagles were on a roll. After a busy off season, and then some major events during the season, the Eagles have finally made it to this point. What makes them so good? What do they have to do to win? Here are my three ‘keys’ to an Eagles’ win.

#1 The defense must get to Tom Brady and disrupt his passing game. Brady always has so much time in the pocket and gets to make perfect passes to his receivers without much pressure. If the defense can get to him and start to bother him, his passes won’t be as efficient.

#2 Nick Foles must get hot and stay hot. In the game against the Falcons, Foles never got it going. He could throw and get yards, but no touchdowns. Against the Vikings he looked completely different. He started off a little slow in the first quarter, but from that point out, he got hot. He ended that game with over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. If Foles can move the chains and minimize the turnovers, the Eagles will be in good shape.

#3 Attack the Patriots’ defensive line. The Eagles just took down the Vikings’ defense who were one of the best in the league. The Patriots’ defense is no where near that caliber. It could be considered their weak link. If the Eagles can attack the Patriots the way they did the Vikings, they may finally get their first Superbowl championship.

As for the New England Patriots, they always seem like they can get to the Superbowl. Their biggest threat seemed to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, thanks to the Jaguars, the Patriots didn’t have to play them. What are my three keys to a Patriots victory?

#1 Tom Brady. He has been in this situation before. He knows how to play in the big moments. He just knows how to make the plays when all the lights are on him. Most importantly, he knows how to win. Even though he was trailing the Falcons last year and the Jaguars this year, he still was able to prevail and come out on top.

#2 The Patriots also have Bill Belichick. Some consider him the greatest football coach ever. He is coaching in his eighth Superbowl. He also is using the same quarterback that has helped him win these types of games before. He knows how to handle his players and get them to play at their best.

#3 Stop the Eagles’ running game. The Eagles added Ajayi to make their running game better, and that’s exactly what he did. After adding him, they could run the ball or pass it. Now the Patriots defense isn’t great, but if they can stop the run, it makes the Eagles a one-dimensional team. And if your opponent is one-dimensional, you know what to expect.

There it is, my three ‘keys’ to victory for each team. One franchise going for its sixth championship and the other looking to cement its place in history with its first. We’re going to be in for one exciting game. May the best team win.

 My prediction: Eagles 31 : Patriots 28

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