The Top Ten

Here we are at full speed in NFL free agency. Where are the big names going? What teams are making trades to either better their team or move into better draft positioning? All these questions will be answered sooner than later, but right now I want to take a look at the NFL draft. I’m going to do a top 10 mock draft and see who goes where. Without any further ado, let’s begin with the top five:

#1 Cleveland Browns – Sam Darnold, QB
I could be wrong with this pick, as the Browns do have Tyrod Taylor, and they have other needs to fill, but at the chance of the Browns finally getting it right, I say they take Darnold. Darnold has natural talent. He could be the best quarterback in the draft. After all these years of missing out on a franchise quarterback, the Browns might finally have their man.

#2 New York Giants – Bradley Chubb, DE
Now yes, I know the Giants have Eli Manning, and I know he is getting older, but I do think he has a year or two left. The Giants are also in a rare spot where they can draft a quarterback for the future or look for the new face of the defense. I see them going with Chubb. He looks to have a special talent that the Giants can use to upgrade their weak defense, especially after trading Jason Pierre-Paul.

#3 New York Jets –  Josh Rosen, QB
After making a huge trade, the Jets want a quarterback who can help them in the future. At the combine, Rosen was viewed as the most NFL-ready quarterback and looked like he could start immediately if needed. He has a big arm and great size for a quarterback who is ready to start if the opportunity arises.

#4 Cleveland Browns (from the Texans) – Saquon Barkley, RB
Easily the most gifted running back at the combine, this guy has rare talent to go number one. With the Browns having a need in this position, this would be a big hole that would get filled. True, taking a running back in the first round was a little non-traditional, but someone with attributes like his is worth the risk.

#5 Denver Broncos – Baker Mayfield, QB
At this point, we know that the Broncos have added Case Keenum to be their quarterback in the present. Although this doesn’t stop them from nabbing a quarterback early in the draft to have their quarterback of the future. Denver knows what it is like to have so-so play from this critical position. They don’t want that to happen to them again.

* I’ll do #6-10 in my next blog as part 2.

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