Mediocre For Now…

With the start of a new season comes so many questions: Who is going to be the sleeper team? Who is going to have a breakout year? Maybe most importantly, “who is going to win it all?” As we look at how this season has gone so far though, it looks way different than what many people were expecting. Granted it is still early in a long season and a lot can change, but as of right now, some teams are not where we expected.

First, we’ll look at the American League. The standings have finally started to line up with what we were expecting. In the AL East you have the Red Sox and Yankees vying for top spot in the division. If things hold true to what normally happens, this one will come down to the end of the season. In the AL West, the Astros are still on top where we expected them to be, but the Angels are keeping it close which is a nice surprise to watch as the season progresses. Finally, in the AL Central, the Indians are on top right now, but with the Tigers and Twins so close any of those three could end up on top.

Now we can look at the National League. Time Out. What is going on? In the NL East, the Mets are on top. Don’t get me wrong they, are a good team, even a playoff potential team. I was expecting a team like the Nationals to be on top. After all, they have a deep pitching staff and great hitters, but here they are fourth in the standings. In the NL West, you have Diamondbacks on top. Once again, a good playoff potential team. Where are the Giants and especially the Dodgers? I thought for sure the Dodgers would be on top of this division. They make it deep in the playoffs every year, especially last year going as far as the World Series. Here they are third in their division. In the NL Central, its anyone’s guess right now. First the Pirates were leading the division. Then the Brewers were on top. The Cardinals were in the lead for a day or two. Now the Pirates are on top again. It’s a real merry-go-round right now. I thought for sure the Cubs would be on top followed closely by the Cardinals and Brewers. It’s true all four are strong teams, but the Cubs were in the playoffs and won a round none of those other teams were in. As for the Cubs, they are second in their division.

All I’m saying is, considering how the season went last year, the AL is as we thought it would be coming into the season, but the NL is truly puzzling. With teams like the Nationals, Dodgers, and Cubs all playing mediocre and struggling, it’s concerning for these clubs (and fans). But hold on, it’s not over yet! This is a young season still, we are just in the beginning. We haven’t even made it to the summer games yet. So, sit tight and relax. No need to hit the panic button and worry. We have a long way to go, and I think these teams will get it going. They know what it takes to win games and make a playoff push.  As for playing at a mediocre level, it’s just for now.

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