NBA Western Conference

Let the Western Conference Finals begin! I think we are in for a very entertaining series. The defending champion, Golden State Warriors, are set to take on the red-hot Houston Rockets. The teams are picked, and the stage is set. Let’s see what makes these teams go.

The Golden State Warriors are at it again. They are in the Western Conference Finals in their pursuit of yet another championship. What has gotten them this far and makes them the favorites? First off, the Warriors are finally healthy, mainly Curry. He returned from his injury and played against the Pelicans. During those games he started to look like the player people know him to be. Without him, the chances of the Warriors beating the Rockets were slim. Secondly, their roster is made up of all-star players, especially the starting five. They have Curry, Thompson, Green, Durant, and Iguodala. And out of those five, three of them shoot the three at .378% or better. On top of that, we know players like Durant and Curry can get to the rim at will. This group knows how to score the points. Lastly, this team has not only playoff experience, but championship experience. They have all played in the playoffs before and have played with each other before. They have also won on a championship level before. They know what it takes to win and the degree of difficulty to get to that point.

Don’t forget about the Houston Rockets though. They also have a team that is ready to battle for a chance to play in the Finals. One of the things that stand out about the Rockets is their elite defense. They have players like Capela who can protect the rim. They also have a bevy of defenders that can play up to likes of Curry, Thompson, and Durant. Additionally, they can mix and match to give the Warriors different looks just to show how defensively versatile they are. Secondly, they too have great three-point shooting. Just like the Warriors, the Rockets have some of the best three-point shooters in the game. With players like Paul, Harden, and Tucker, just to name a few, there won’t be a shortage of threes shot by this team. Just to point it out, the Rockets shot .346% against the Minnesota Timberwolves and .363% against the Utah Jazz when shooting the three. One other thing that doesn’t necessarily help the Rockets, but in no way hurts them, is that they get home court advantage. They get to play in front of their fans, on their court, in the first game of this series. Third, they have Chris Paul and James Harden. And what exactly do I mean by that? It’s pretty simple. They both, along with the rest of the Rockets, have something to prove. Paul is finally in the Western Conference Finals. After all those years of not making it on the Clippers, he wants to show he belongs here. He wants to show what he can do and take this team one step closer to the Finals. As for Harden, he wants to show that he deserves to be MVP and finally reach and win the Finals as a member of the Rockets.

At the end of this series we are going to see a lot of three-pointers being shot and a lot of all-stars doing what they do best. But there can only be one winner.

Prediction: Rockets in 7

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