Champs Again

After sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers in four games the Golden State Warriors are the NBA champions again. Not only that, but they are back to back champs and have won three out of the last four Finals.

As I have mentioned in other previous posts, we know what makes them so good. Maybe it’s the fact that they have four all-stars, or the fact that they have won the Finals before, or maybe the fact that they have a head coach, Steve Kerr, who has won the Finals as both player and coach. It could be a combination of all these. Whatever the reason may be, the Warriors look poised to be one of the top teams in the league for the next few years. Don’t get me wrong, free agency and the draft could build some other star-studded teams to challenge the Warriors, but they have proven time and again they know what it takes to win.

Getting back to the Finals against the Cavaliers, I truly believe that Game 1 was the best game the Cavaliers played against the Warriors. With LeBron James scoring 51 points and the Cavaliers overall forcing the Warriors into overtime, it looked possible that this series could be close. But when James’ heroics in Game 1 were not enough, and then in Game 2 with Steph Curry catching fire and setting a Finals record of nine three pointers, things were not looking to good for the Cavaliers. If you thought going home for the Cavaliers in Games 3 and 4 would help, well, you would be wrong. Let me just say that you could argue that Game 3 was the best game of this series, especially since the Warriors had to come from behind to win. And although the score was close for most of Game 3, Kevin Durant decided to step up and have a monster game in rout to 43 points and 13 rebounds. With their backs against the wall, we head to Game 4 where both Curry and Durant had big games to seal the win. Curry scored 37 points to lead all players and Durant only had 20, but had a triple double and won back to back Finals MVP.

Looking at how these games played out, it’s easy to see that the Cavaliers did not have enough to contend against the Warriors. The Cavaliers were the best team in the Eastern Conference this year, and as for the Warriors, they were the best in the Western Conference. Even though these teams played some tough teams to get there, these two came out on top. The offseason could bring about big changes and look for some teams to make a move or two, but at least for this year, the Warriors and Cavaliers were back at it and the Warriors won again in fashionable form.

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  1. What are your thoughts about James’ hand injury and was it big enough impact for the sweep, the time out mess in game 1? I agree with that the Warriors have 4 studs and an excellent coaching staff and is the way better overall team.


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